PhD Students


Current Students

NameThesis topicPrimary and second supervisors
Abac, AdrianModelling Gravitational Waves of Neutron Star BinariesT. Dietrich, A. Buonanno
Barbieri, RiccardoSystematic errors on the measure of the Hubble constant in gravitational-wave cosmologyJ. Gair, A. Buonanno
Crosato, LudovicaUnified picture for site-associated and non-associated GRBsM. Shibata, T. Dietrich
Faggioli, GuglielmoModeling gravitational waves from merging black holes in the small mass-ratio limitA. Buonanno, H. Pfeiffer
Gamboa Castillo, Aldo JavierAccurate Waveform Models of Eccentric, Precessing-Spin Binary Black HolesA. Buonanno, J. Steinhoff
Gupte, NiharGravitational-wave physics with the use of machine-learning techniquesA. Buonanno, J. Gair
Haberland, MarcusImprints of matter effects on gravitational wavesA. Buonanno, J. Steinhoff
Jakobsen, GustavGravitational wave physics from scattering amplitudesJ. Steinhoff, A. Buonanno
Jockel, CédricTBAM. Shibata, TBA
Kunert, NinaMulti-messenger studies of binary neutron-star systemsT. Dietrich, P. Richter
Lam, Tsz Lok (Alan)Numerical studies on general relativistic astrophysicsM. Shibata, T. Dietrich
Muddu, Venkata Sai SakethDeveloping analytical methods to solve the two-body problem in General RelativityA. Buonanno, J. Steinhoff
Nee, Peter JamesDynamics of Binary Black Holes close to mergerH. Pfeiffer, M. Shibata
Neuweiler, AnnaNumerical-Relativity Simulations of Binary Neutron StarsT. Dietrich, M. Shibata
Patil, RajThe effective-field-theory approach to the post-Newtonian approximationA. Buonanno, J. Steinhoff
Pompili, LorenzoEver more accurate effective-one-body waveforms for gravitational-wave astrophysicsA. Buonanno, J. Gair
Sam, ZeydGravitational waveforms and dynamics of unequal-mass systemsT. Dietrich, H. Pfeiffer
Sänger, EliseTests of General Relativity with gravitational-wave observationsA. Buonanno, J. Steinhoff
Savastano, StefanoAspects of Gravitational Wave physics in CosmologyM. Zumalacarregui, A. Buonanno
Schianchi, FedericoNeutrino Transport in Numerical Relativity SimulationsT. Dietrich, M. Shibata
Speri, LorenzoGravitational Waves from nano to milli Hertz SourcesJ. Gair, A. Buonanno
Stockinger, MatteoTBAM. Shibata, TBA
Wittek, NikoSimulating intermediate mass ratio binary black hole systemsH. Pfeiffer, T. Dietrich


Name / graduation date First position after leaving the AEI
Antonelli, Andrea / Dec. 2021 Postdoc at Johns Hopkins University
Burke, Ollie / Sept. 2021 Postdoc at Laboratoire des 2 Infinis de Toulouse
Cotesta, Roberto / April 2021 Postdoc at Johns Hopkins University
Khalil, Mohammed / Aug. 2022 Fellow at Perimeter Institute
Prudenzi, Luca M.Sc. in Space Engineering at Politecnico Milano
Vu, Nils / Sept. 2022 Fellow at Caltech
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