PhD Students

NameThesis topicPrimary and second supervisors
Antonelli, Andrea Accurate waveform models for gravitational-wave astrophysics: synergetic approaches from analytical relativity A. Buonanno, J. Gair
Barbieri, Riccardo Systematic errors on the measure of the Hubble constant in gravitational-wave cosmology J. Gair, A. Buonanno
Burke, Ollie Understanding gravitational wave observations using the Laser Interferometer Space Antennae J. Gair
Cotesta, Roberto Multipolar gravitational waveforms for spinning black holes and their impact on source characterization A. Buonanno, H. Pfeiffer
Crosato, Ludovica Unified picture for site-associated and non-associated GRBs M. Shibata, T. Dietrich
Fischer, Nils Numerical simulations of compact-object binaries H. Pfeiffer, A. Buonanno
Jacobsen, Gustav Gravitational wave physics from scattering amplitudes J. Steinhoff, A. Buonanno
Khalil, Mohammed Improving analytical approximations for the dynamcis of spinning binaries in general orbits A. Buonanno, J. Steinhoff
Prudenzi, Luca Modeling and inference of neutron star equation of state J. Gair, A. Buonanno
Saketh, Muddu Venkata Developing analytical methods to solve the two-body problem in General Relativity A. Buonanno, J. Steinhoff
Savastano, Stefano Aspects of Gravitational Wave physics in Cosmology M. Zumalacarregui, A. Buonanno
Schianchi, Federico Neutrino Transport in Numerical Relativity Simulations T. Dietrich (Uni Potsdam), M. Shibata
Speri, Lorenzo Gravitational Waves from nano to milli Hertz Sources J. Gair, A. Buonanno
Wittek, Nicolas Simulating intermediate mass ratio binary black hole systems H. Pfeiffer, T. Dietrich
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