Student Supervisor Topic
Adya, Vaishali H. Lück Numerical simulations for advanced and third generation gravitational wave detectors
Affeldt, Christoph H. Grote / H. Lück Laser power increase for GEO600 Commissioning aspects towards an operation of GEO600 at high laser power
Ast, Melanie R. Schnabel entanglement enhanced interferometer
Ast, Stefan R. Schnabel GHz squeezing
Audley, Heather M. Hewitson Laser Interferometry at low frequencies
Barke, Simon M. Tröbs
Bauchrowitz, Jöran R. Schnabel Messung und graphische Darstellung von Ein- und Zwei-Moden-gequetschten Zuständen des Lichts
Baune, Christoph R. Schnabel Quantum-Non-Demolition Techniques for Gravitational Wave Detectors
Behnke, Berit B. Krishnan/ M. A. Papa A directed Search for continuous Gravitational Waves from unknown isolated Neutron Stars at the Galactic Center
Bergmann, Gerald H. Lück Commissioning of the AEI 10m prototype interferometer
Bisht, Aparna B. Willke Development of  a novel alignment sensing and control technique for the output mode cleaner at GEO 600
Bogan, Christina B. Willke Stabilized High Power Lasers and Spatial Mode Conversion
Brause, Nils G. Heinzel LISA Phasemeter
Brem, Patrick P. Amaro-Seoane
Britzger, Michael R. Schnabel Diffractively Coupled Resonators for Interferometric Applications and Optical Feedback to Laser Diodes
Burmeister, Oliver R. Schnabel Optical properties of 3-port-grating coupled cavities
Bähre, Robin B. Willke Entwicklung und Aufbau eines optischen Experiments zur Suche nach weakly interacting sub-eV particles (WISPs), die an ein Licht- und/oder Magnetfeld koppeln
Cabero Müller, Miriam B. Krishnan Studies of CBC Processing Waveforms with Application to GW Searches
Clark, Colin H. Pletsch Search for weak astrophysical signals
Dahl, Katrin S. Goßler From design to operation: a suspension platform interferometer for the 10m prototype
Dehne, Marina G. Heinzel Construction and noise behaviour of ultra-stable optical systems for space interferometers
Denker, Timo M. Heurs Ultra-high sensitivity optical phase shift measurements
Di Palma, Irene B. Allen / M. A. Papa A First Search for coincident Gravitational Waves and High Energy Neutrinos
DiGuglielmo, James R. Schnabel On the Experimental Generation and Charaterization of Entangled States of Light
Diekmann, Christian G. Heinzel Development of core elements for the LISA optical bench – Electro-optical measurement systems and test devices
Dionysopoulou, Kyriaki L. Rezzolla GRMHD of compact objects
Dreißigacker, Christoph B. Krishnan Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves: Sensitivity Estimation and Deep Learning as a Novel Search Method
Eberle, Tobias R. Schnabel Realization of Finite-Size Quantum Key Distribution based on Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Entangled Light
Esteban Delgado, Juan Jose G. Heinzel Laser ranging and data communication for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Guzmán, F. G. Heinzel Phase characterization of clock transfer chain components - Demonstration of clock tone transfer
Fernández Barranco, Germán G. Heinzel Electronic and Optical components for space-based interferometry
Fleddermann, Roland G. Heinzel Interferometry for a space-based gravitational wave observatory -Reciprocity of an optical fiber
Franzen, Alexander R. Schnabel Präparation von destillierten und purifizierten gequetschten Zuständen
Friedrich, Daniel R. Schnabel Concepts for reducing thermal noise in test masses
Galeazzi, Filippo L. Rezzolla Radiative processes in the dynamics of compact stars
García Marín, Antonio Francisco K. Danzmann Minimisation of optical pathlength noise for the detection of gravitational waves with the spaceborne laser interferometer LISA and LISA Pathfinder
Gerberding, Oliver G. Heinzel Phase readout for satellite interferometry
Gholami, Iraj B. Schutz / M. A. Papa Data analysis of continuous Gravitational Waves
Gilowski, Michael E. Rasel (IQO) Sagnac interferometry with cold atoms
Gniesmer, Jan R. Schnabel Anwendung nicht klassischen Lichts mittels kontiniuierlicher und diskreter Variablen
Gräf, Christian S. Goßler Optical Design and Numerical Modeling of the AEI 10m Prototype sub-SQL Interferometer
Guercilena, Federico L. Rezzolla Discontinuous Grelebkin Methods
Guzmán Cervantes, Felipe G. Heinzel Gravitational Wave Observation from Space: optical measurement techniques for LISA and LISA Pathfinder
Hage, Boris R. Schnabel New aspects of continuous variable entanglement
Hanke, Manuela Melanie H. Lück Aufbau und Charakterisierung einer Frequenzreferenz-Cavity am AEI 10m Prototypen
Hodajerdi, Reza B. Willke Optical Experiments for ALPS II
Hoelscher-Obermaier, Jason R. Schnabel Quantum Optomechanics
Händchen, Vitus R. Schnabel Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution
Indik, Nathaniel B. Krishnan Searches for Advanced GW detectors
Isleif, Katharina-Sophie G. Heinzel Backlink Experiment for LISA
Jasiulek, Michael B. Krishnan Novel geometric methods in numerical relativity for isometric embeddings, quasi-local spin and the wave equation
Kaufer, Henning R. Schnabel Opto-mechanics in a Michelson-Sagnac interferometer
Kaufer, Steffen B. Willke Neuartige Methoden der Leistungsstabilisierung
Kellermann, Thorsten L. Rezzolla Relativistic Hydrodynamics in a 2D axsymmetric approach
Khalaidovski, Alexander R. Schnabel Generation of Squeezed States of light
Kleybolte, Lisa R. Schnabel
Knispel, Benjamin B. Allen Data analysis in gravitational wave detection
Kochkina, Evgenia G. Heinzel Stigmatic and Astigmatic Gaussian Beamns in Fundamental Mode - Impact of Beam Model Choice on Interferometric Pathlength Signal Estimates
Korsakova, Natalia K. Danzmann / M. Hewitson Pathfinder Data Analysis
Krüger, Christoph R. Schnabel Optische Absorption in Siliziumkristallen bei tiefen Temperaturen
Kullmann, Joachim G. Heinzel Development of a digital phase measuring system with microradian precision for LISA
Kwee, Patrick B. Willke / K.Danzmann Laser Characterization and Stabilization for Precision Interferometry
Köhlenbeck, Sina H. Lück 10 m Interferometer
Lastzka, Nico R. Schnabel Analysis of nonlinear resonators
Lieser, Maike G. Heinzel LISA Optical Bench Development
Mahrdt, Christoph G. Heinzel Laser Link Acquisition for the GRACE Follow-On Laser Ranging Interferometer
Maureira, Christián P. Amaro-Seoane Applications of High Performance Computing in Astrophysical simulations
Mazzolo, Giulio F. Salemi / B. Allen Search for intermediate-mass black-hole binaries with networks of ground-based gravitational-wave detectors
Mehmet, Moritz R. Schnabel Squeezed light at 1064 nm and 1550 nm with a nonclassical noise suppression beyond 10 dB
Meier, Tobias B. Willke High-Power CW Green Lasers for Optical  Metrology and Their Joint Benefit in Particle Physics  Experiments
Ming, Jing M. A.Papa Gravitational Wave Detection
Monsky, Anneke G. Heinzel Understanding drag-free sensors in space using intelligent data analysis tools
Mösta, Philipp L. Rezzolla Dynamics of binary black holes with unequal masses
Müller, Vitali G. Heinzel Grace follow on: Laser Ranging Interferometer
Müller-Ebhardt, Helge Y. Chen On quantum effects in the dynamics of macroscopic test masses
Ohme, Frank B. Krishnan Bridging the gap between post-Newtonian theory and numerical relativity in gravitational-wave data analysis
Oppermann, Patrick B. Willke Laser stabilization
Otto, Markus M. Hewitson Network data analysis for gravitational waves
Pal Singh, Amrith R. Schnabel
Parameswaran, Ajith M. Hewitson On aspects of gravitational-wave detection: Detector characterisation, data analysis and source modelling for ground-based detectors
Pletsch, Holger B. Allen Data Analysis for Continuous Gravitational Waves - Deepest All-Sky Surveys
Prijatelj, Mirko H. Lück Gravitational wave detection with refined light - The implementation of an output mode cleaner at GEO600
Pook-Kolb, Daniel B. Krishnan Dynamical Horizons in Binary Black Hole Mergers
Radice, David L. Rezzolla Advanced Numerical Approaches in the Dynamics of Relativistic Flows
Ramon, Moghadas Nia R. Schnabel
Rehbein, Henning R. Schnabel On the enhancement of future gravitational wave laser interferometers and the prospects of probing macroscopic quantum mechanics
Reisswig, Christian L. Rezzolla A systematic investigation of the kick-velocities in binary interactions
Rödig, Constanze L. Rezzolla / P. Amaro Seoane Electromagnetic counterpart to binary black hole mergers
Rosado, Pablo Antonio B. Allen Gravitational Wave Background from Compact Objects and a New Search for Supermassive Black Hole Binaries
Samblowski, Aiko R. Schnabel State Preparation for Quantum Information Science and Metrology
Santamaría Lara, Lucía L. Rezzolla Coalescence of Black-hole Binaries: from theoretical source modelling to applications in gravitational wave astronomy
Sawadsky, Andreas R. Schnabel Optomechanics at low temperatures
Schmidt, Helena G. Heinzel
Schreiber, Emil H. Grote Sqeezing in Advanced Gravitational Wave Detectors
Schuster, Sönke G. Heinzel Koppelung von Strahlverkippung in der Weglängenmessung in Interferometern
Schwarze, Thomas G. Heinzel Testing of the LISA-Metrology chain
Schönbeck, Axel R. Schnabel Einzelphotonenexperimente
Schütte, Dirk M. Heurs
Schütze, Daniel G. Heinzel Test environments für GRACE Follow-ON
Seifert, Frank B. Willke Power Stabilization of High Power Lasers for Second Generation Gravitational Wave Detetors
Seiler, Jennifer L. Rezzolla Well-posedness in Numerical Simulations of Black Hole Spacetimes
Shaltev, Miroslav B. Allen Optimization and Follow-up of Semicoherent Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves
Shang, Yu S. Babak / M. A. Papa Sources and Data Analysis for LISA
Siegel, Daniel B. Schutz Electrodynamics of binary neutron stars
Simakov, Dmitry Andreevich H. Lück Dynamical tuning of a signal recycled gravitational wave detector
Singh, Avneet M. A. Papa
Skorupka, Sascha G. Heinzel Rauschuntersuchungen an hochstabilen Lasersystemen für die wissenschaftliche Weltraummission LISA
Spani Molella, Luca K. Danzmann Nonlinear Spectroscopy of Closed Degenerate Two-level Systems
Stede, Gunnar G. Heinzel GRACE Follow-On: Interferometer Design
Steier, Frank G. Heinzel Interferometry techniques for spaceborne gravitational wave detectors
Steinlechner, Jessica R. Schnabel Optical Absorption Measurements for Third Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors
Steinlechner, Sebastian R. Schnabel Quantum Metrology with Squeezed and Entangled Light for the Detection of Gravitational Waves
Steinmeyer, Daniel M. Heurs Coherent quantum noise cancellation
Tackmann, Gunnar E. Rasel Raman interferometry with free-falling and trapped atoms
Thüring, André R. Schnabel Investigations of coupled and Kerr non-linear optical resonators
Tonita, Aaryn L. Rezzolla MHD of mixed binaries
Tünnermann, Henrik K. Danzmann Fiber Amplifiers for Gravitational Wave Detectors: Temporal Dynamics and Coherent Beam Combining
Vahlbruch, Henning R. Schnabel Squeezed Light for Gravitational Wave Astronomy    05/12/08
Vollmer, Christina R. Schnabel Non-Classical State Engineering for Quantum Networks
Wanner, Alexander K. Strain / S. Goßler Seismic Attenuation System for the AEI 10 m Prototype
Wanner, Gudrun G. Heinzel Complex optical systems in space: numerical modelling of the heterodyne interferometry of LISA Pathfinder and LISA
Westphal, Tobias H. Lück Monolithische Aufhängungen für 100g-Spiegel
Wimmer, Maximilian M. Heurs Coherent Quantum Noise Cancellation
Wittel, Holger H. Lück Active and passive reduction of high order modes in the gravitational waves detector GEO600
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