Soft Skill Seminars

This page lists upcoming “soft skill” seminars on, e.g., scientific writing, presentation skills, proposal writing or project or human resources management.

Upcoming seminars

Poster Design and Presentation

January, 21 2020
participants will:
    •    learn the principles of design for posters
    •    learn to adapt their presentations to the target audience
    •    design a poster using own material
    •    learn to present the poster to interested scientists orally

Past seminars in 2019

November 13-14, 2019
The Scientific Paper Seminar is a 2-day writing workshop for early-career scientists. It teaches the skills required for producing research papers of the highest quality for the world's top journals. The workshop is designed to give students the confidence to begin publishing in the increasingly competitive world of science. more
June 14, 2019
Switching seats heralds greater opportunities for the future. During speed informing, doctoral students meet up with alumni – and find out just how varied a career can be. more

Oral presentation skills

January 22-23, 2019
Participants will:
    •    be introduced to presentation basics
    •    learn the principles of design for oral presentations
    •    learn to adapt presentations to the target audience
    •    learn to use and analyze body language, elocution and intonation
    •    receive video feedback on their presentations

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