I hold a half-time professorship at Cardiff University, 25% in the School of Physics and Astronomy, and 25% in the Data Innovation Research Institute (DIRI), of which I was previously the director. My work in Physics is primarily on gravitational wave detection and astronomy; I am a senior member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. Around 1990, my Cardiff group was the first to develop and apply techniques to recognise weak gravitational wave signals buried in noise. Two decades later this led to my interest in Big Data, which is the research area of the DIRI. At the DIRI I am interested in the use of artificial intelligence to find hidden information in any kind of data. I am also an Emeritus Director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) in Potsdam, Germany, where I was a director from its founding in 1995 until my retirement in 2014. While there, I established in 1998 the open-access journal Living Reviews in Relativity, which has become the highest-impact open-access journal in the world. My interests in open-access publishing, open data, and Big Data led to my becoming co-chair of the Reproducibility Interest Group of the international Research Data Alliance. Finally, I hold the position of Adjunct Professor of Physics at Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA.
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